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Working weight:9700KG Bucket volume:0.35 m3 Power:75KW/2200rpm,floating casino goa

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Equipped with strong engine system and international advanced hydraulic system, with the pilot-turning function, high speed of arm and bucket, to improve the working efficiency.
1. Silicone oil rubber damper equipped in the cab,suspended seat,air-conditioning system, and good pilot-operating system, for workers to operate naturally and accurately, and reduce the tiredness of workers.
2. The newly designed dozer blade with large scope of raising and descending, is suitable for road,piping and other complex working condition.
Besides, the optimal design of the leg is adaptable to rough road, to ensure the stability of the whole machine.
3. Intelligient controller monitor the machine.When there is something wrong with the enginge
fuel oil,water temperature, and the engine oil pressure, reminding information would be
displayed on the LCD, for the worker to read easily.
Structural parts is made from domestic high quality 16Mn steel, with advanced welding technology, greatly increasing the structural strength,to
ensure construction safety. The whole machine is vehiche shot blasted, increasing the adhesion
of painting, to delay component corrosion and improve service life.
Working weight:9700KG
Bucket volume:0.35 m3


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